Grain of Hope

My son, Glenn

I began writing first drafts of Grain of Hope in 1988. It has been quite the journey. My book reveals an intimate portrait of struggle and pain, and ultimately, perseverance and prevailing over the insurmountable. It represents peace and new beginnings. For me, the book eloquently illustrates an arduous journey that shows that, even when I felt I couldn’t go on, I did.

A tiny grain of hope kept me going day after day. I liken hope to a grain because a grain is a tiny seed that yields an abundant field of wheat. In comparison, the smallest effort of hope I could muster yielded a plentiful supply of sustaining power that I desperately needed during a crucial time in my life.

My journey starts and begins with the search to find merit for living and moving on with my life. When I reached my most weakened and emotional state, I discovered how to tap into the innate power of “hope.” Hope and belief in God is what I know sheltered my mind and empowered me to pick up the pieces of my broken heart. It gave me the acceptable peace that I so desperately needed to rebuild my shattered life. With Grain of Hope, I hope to inspire others to do the same. I hope you will be empowered to pick up the pieces of your broken heart, mend them together again, and begin to live a wholesome life in the face of any crisis or tragedy.

My son & daughter,
Tyrone & Sonja

Excerpt From Grain of Hope:

I believe we are natural and spiritual – ethereal beings who try to convince ourselves that all decisions are made using fact and logic. Proof of my theory, that we listen to our “inner voices” and check our consciences frequently, is the way we talk to ourselves all day. We process thoughts and create reasons for our actions. We know, without giving it too much thought, that there is some power greater than ours. The natural realm is seen by the naked eye and experienced with our bodies. We communicate and interact with each other in this natural realm, but we communicate and check ourselves in the more spiritual or introspective realm.