Meet Dolores

In Grain of Hope, Dolores’ voice and reflective style communicate more than the traditional “light at the end of the tunnel.” Instead, her advice resonates with readers to clearly illustrate a new way of life even when life seems no longer bearable. A boost for those who have lost so much and need the energy to wake to a new day, she inspires those facing life after unimaginable loss.

A gourmet cook, world traveler, and self-admitted fashionista, Dolores lives by her own credo to make the most of every day and to celebrate life’s most precious and simple moments. Through her words, she strives to soothe, counsel, and inspire others to work through sadness and tough times by tapping into their own strengths and understanding their own feelings, spirituality, and purpose in the world. Additionally, she moves others to realize their own dreams and to use their own talents to achieve maximum happiness in life.

Dolores has a thirty-year background in both corporate America and academia working as a Software Administrator, a Manager of Human Resources, a GED Instructor, and an Educational Grant Writer. In 1997, the company that she founded with her son, Tyrone, was awarded one of Pittsburgh’s 100 Fastest Growing Business awards. She has studied Creative Writing, Art, and Design at Allegheny County Community College, Business and Marketing at Point Park University, Digital Photography at Pittsburgh Film Makers, and Residential Design at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.